St Patrick's Day music Party

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Musicians Performing for the St. Patrick's Day Internet Music Festival

These are the some of the many fine musicians who joined the St. Patrick's Day Internet Music Festival since its 2004 inception. A big thanks to each of them for making this incredible festival shine.

St Patrick's Day Internet Music Festival Musicians

  • Marc Gunn, The Celtfather (on YouTube) - Cats. Irish drinking songs. Science fiction. Nowhere else but from the bright imagination of Marc Gunn would those three elements be so neatly integrated. Yet Gunn, sometimes called “the hardest working man in Celtic music” around his hometown in Austin, is an accomplished musician, podcaster, and entrepreneur . In 2014, his recording of “Rising of the Moon” won Best Roots Traditional in Celtic Radio Music Awards. He continues to turn heads with his instrument of choice, the autoharp.

  • Jim Sharkey - Jim Sharkey grew up in County Roscommon, Ireland, listening to The Clancy Brothers, Planxty, Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Rory Gallagher and top twenty music from the late sixties and seventies. His original songs reflect the mix of styles and influences he was exposed to growing up. And they also reflect the musical heritage of Southwestern Virginia where he now lives. Jim's latest CD was recorded in Floyd, Virginia, and features many local musicians. The title track of the CD "Sweet Anne's Road" is about the effects of the war in Afghanistan on the lives of a young couple in Copper Hill, Virginia but it was written in the style of a traditional Irish ballad. Jim plays music throughout Virginia and is gaining a dedicated following for his unique voice and songwriting.

  • Drones n Drums - Drones N Drums is a show that will take you back in time to historic Scotland, with a modern twist.

  • Dublin Harpers - Musical talent flourishes in the Dublin Harpers! This outstanding family showcases the traditional roots of the Harp in Irish and Scottish culture, while concurrently delving into a kaleidoscopic musical journey of folk, contemporary, alternative, classical, and bluegrass genres. The Band, comprised of members of the Dunham Family have been formally trained and are active in music education.

  • Jesse Ferguson, The Bard of Cornwall - Jesse Ferguson is a folk musician from Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. He strives to connect with the past through traditional songs while making them relevant to today’s listeners. He sings and plays several musical instruments including: guitar, mandolin, harmonica, and bodhran.  He also posts videos of traditional and original music on YouTube.

  • Abby Green - Abby Green brings Irish songs to life with her expressive vocals, unique arrangements of harmony and supportive Irish bouzouki playing.  She travels nationwide researching, performing, and sharing the celtic music she loves.  This is her third CD, and she has also compiled a book of songs, The Tradition of Irish Song, complete with a harmony learning CD.  Traditional music is meant to be shared and experienced by everyone!

  • Avourneen - Sometimes tradition can stem from unlikely places. Avourneen, a Denver-based trio that specializes in Irish folk, doesn’t have direct geographic ties to Ireland. The band is composed of guitarist/vocalist Adam Goldstein, a Denver native, violinist CL Morden, an import from California, and Aeryk Parker, a longtime Colorado resident and talented multi-instrumentalist. It was the music of Ireland that brought the trio together. Since launching in 2014, the band has quickly become one of Colorado's best-known Celtic outfits, with plenty of promise and potential to expand further.

  • The Selkie Girls - The Selkie Girls feature soaring vocal harmonies and outstanding instrumentalists to create a vibrant , warm and energetic sound. They sing some old favorites as well as newer songs from Celtic traditions. Alli Johnson, the lead singer, sings in Scots Gaelic on several pieces inspired by the love of the language and a desire to keep it alive. Many of the members come from Scottish or Irish heritage.
  • Gwilym Morus - Gwilym Morus started singing Welsh folk ballads as a child with his mother. As such he is influenced mainly by the folk ballad tradition of his native Wales. But as a student of Welsh literature, particularly medieval bardic literature, he also makes use of the strict meters that are a feature of classical Welsh bardic culture. His style could probably be called contemporary folk, with influences from other kinds of folk music including English, Irish and American.

  • Across the Pond - Across the Pond is a multi-instrumental trio performing their own high-octane arrangements of Irish and Scottish tunes and songs. Their music is traditional, but also has a quite modern edge. Finding that special balance is what separates Across the Pond from most other Irish bands. They grab the audience from the very first beat right to the end.

  • Burning Bridget Cleary - Band-leader, Rose Baldino, drives this band with an unusual combination of charisma, crackerjack fiddle work, and tightly woven harmonies. The front of the band is shared with some of the best Celtic fiddle talent on the East Coast. Currently featured is Amy Beshara, a multi-talented fiddler/vocalist from the NYC Scottish music scene. A driving rhythm and bass end is supplied by Lou Baldino on guitar and Peter Trezzi on percussion. Known for their captivating sound and engaging stage presence, Burning Bridget Cleary has become a solid presence on the Celtic and folk music circuits.

  • Jonathan Kershaw - Jonathan Kershaw is a guitarist/songwriter originally from Yorkshire, northern England but now the south coast. Although known for his rock playing, he has been quietly applying his talents to an altogether different sound. His debut album “Bizarre Tales” (2012) is a serene blend of traditional Celtic and folk sounds together with classical & rock influences.

  • Dr Rev Mr Cheeks Miller - Using a variety of styles including blues, reggae, and rock as well as the more traditional sound. Cheeks blends them all into his own brand of Celtic and Nautical music.

  • The Gothard Sisters - The Gothard Sisters are a dynamic all-female Celtic-inspired folk music group from the Pacific Northwest, USA. The three women (who are truly sisters!) have become internationally recognized as multi-instrumentalist Celtic-influenced folk musicians, songwriters, and performers from the Pacific Northwest, USA.

  • SeaStar - Since 2007, SeaStar's music has been described as both"timeless" and "authentic". From dusty Americana postcards, to Celtic anthems with hints of bluegrass and old-time, to passionate ballads, and award winning story songs, SeaStar takes their audiences on a musical journey of history and tradition. Fae Wiedenhoeft's (pronounced Wee-den-hauft) powerful vocals carry contagious, original, melodies and deliver singable choruses that will keep you singing for hours after their shows. Fae's finely crafted compositions and velvet voice are loved and revered by many across the globe. Her songs tangle truth, whimsy, and the passions of the human heart together in a beautiful escape from the ordinary.

  • The Stubby Shillelaghs - The Stubby Shillelaghs describe their musical style as "high energy Celtic folk". It has a rock energy and sometimes verging on heavy metal speeds, but it's all acoustic and does not typically utilize a drum kit. One critic describes their style as "bawdy and beautiful" the subject matter can get rather risqué but vocal harmonies and sweet melodic lines create a fun and unique contrast.

  • Nua - NUA is an award-winning innovative trad trio, bringing a fresh and unique sound to traditional music, creating their own distinctive original compositions, balanced with traditional and contemporary tunes drawn from Irish and Scottish traditions.The interaction between the three is what really makes the music shine, whether it be their soaring melodies or tasteful grooves.

  • Runa - Quickly gaining recognition as one of Irish music’s new “super-groups”, RUNA has been enchanting audiences by pushing the boundaries of Irish folk music, since their formation in 2008. Interweaving the haunting melodies and exuberant tunes of Ireland and Scotland with the lush harmonies and intoxicating rhythms of bluegrass, flamenco, blues, jazz, they offer a thrilling and redefining take on traditional music.